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Electric Mixer

The mixer wagon “Mixer” is completely made of stainless steel. It is suitable for preparing feed for white meat calves.
It can be operated by current and mixes mealy products (grains and maize silage).

Capacity (m³): 3 m³4 m³
Length (mm):31003600
Width (mm):23602360
Height (mm):16002050
Capacity (Kg):8501250
Alimentation electric:380 V380 V
External gauge (mm):16001600

   Electric Mixer

Self-propelled wagon

Self-propelled wagon from 3 m³ able to move small amounts of feed,
with the ability to download it directly into containers high mm.4000.
- Engine Lombardini 28 HP
- hydraulic control of ioystick
- Hydrostatic transmission with piston pump
- Coclee mm. 240 for unloading of bulk materials
- Platform with easy access

Capacity (m³): 3 m³
Length (mm):3200
Width (mm):1260
Height (mm):2300
Empty weight (Kg):1200

   Self-propelled wagon Self-propelled wagon Self-propelled wagon

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