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Vertical Mixers

Radon vertical feeders have been planned for middle and big sized farms and suitable for professional use. It concerns high quality machines, very strong and complete of different accessories able to grant high reliability and low running expenses. These machines are available with different loading capacities, from 10 to 32 cu.m. and with 1 or 2 vertical augers.

Frame made of pressed steel, augers with a big diameter for a perfect mixing, big-sized counter-knives for the highest performances in cutting fibrous products, oversized axles, wheels of high load capacity.

Mixer Radon

Capacity (m³): 10 m³13 m³16 m³18 m³21 m³
Length (mm):57506050610064006400
Width (mm):23502500250028002800
Height (mm):27202850320033503350
Required power:60/6570/7575/8085/9095/100
Empty weight (kg):47005400570060006150
External gauge (mm):20002100210024452445

   Mixer Radon Mixer Radon

Mixer Radon Jumbo

Capacity (m³): 14 m³18 m³22 m³26 m³30 m³32 m³
Length (mm):745076008100850086008600
Width (mm):210021002350250025002500
Height (mm):270029002900300032003300
Required power:70/7575/8080/90120140180
Empty weight (kg):620067006700870090009200
External gauge (mm):205020502150215021502150

   Mixer Radon Jumbo

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